SABS & Personal Injury

Jaclyn Solomon

When representing a client on a Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule claim (SABS) Jaclyn will look into her client's medical condition. She will investigate all facts that may be pertinent to her client's case.

She will investigate what types of programs would assist her client contacting appropriate medical or paramedical professionals. Jaclyn's caring, thorough approach is evident while always going that extra mile.

Only individuals who are licensed to provide legal services or who are exempt from licensing requirements under the Law Society By-Laws, can represent claimants in the dispute resolution process at FSCO.

You may be entitled to monetary compensation, if: for example;

Damages may be awarded under Ontario law to injured parties for:

Strict, statutory deadlines may apply in certain circumstances.

These deadlines require injured individuals to deliver early, written notice of personal injury claims. For example, under the Ontario Municipal Act, if you have been injured on a municipal roadway or bridge in Ontario, formal written notice of your claim must be provided within ten (10) days to the municipality responsible for your injury (unless certain strict exceptions apply). If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario, notice of your intention to commence an action for loss or damage from bodily injury or death must be delivered to the at-fault party's insurer within 120 days of the accident, in most circumstances.

A court action must, in most circumstances, be commenced within two years of the date of an accident or injury. If the injured party is a minor, the two year period commences when age of majority is reached.

Under Ontario law, no-fault accident benefits may be available if you have been injured in motor vehicle accident. Ontario's Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) provides for various coverages to pay the costs of medical treatment, required therapy, medication costs and out of pocket expenses. Benefits are also available to partially compensate for wage and income loss. Those who are unemployed at the time of an accident may also qualify for ongoing benefit payments, pending their recovery.